One Year As A Steem Witness – Reflections!

Today marks one year of my witness campaign.     Although, I would like to think of it as one year that my witness server being procured and up and running, while my entire life experience here as a Steemian and all of my life experiences along with the lessons that life has taught me to actually e a part of my campaign. Where do I begin? Well, let me say that being committed to Steem is what I feel…

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Steem Can Become The Dream!

  This post is more of an informative type of post, just filling in the gaps in reference to what all has been going on and what I have been up to as a Steem Witness. As many of you who have visited my site already know, it isn’t my main portal for communications, it is a “Get to know me” type of portal, yet at the same time it is hooked up to the Steem blockchain via a plugin…

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Thanks for visiting and look forward to working for and with you.

Yours truly

Jack Miller