Winning THE LOTTERY! (Podcast)

Haven’t been around much in the podcasting scene, had a lot of things going on. One of which was winning the lottery. No, not the “money type of lotto” but a lottery that is called life. Let me put it this way, I keep saying “life is too short to waste on negativity”. Well, I was given a whopping big reminder of it. Glad to be here, sharing this great news with everyone, hopefully it puts a few smiles on…

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Over 30 Days & Counting – Insomnia! WHY? (Podcast)

Yeah, lately I’ve not been my chirpy self, was wondering WHY? Then I remembered that I actually wrote a post about it, on the Steem blockchain, via (Link below). Seriously, over a month of little to a lot of the time NO sleep. How am I not yet a zombie? Looking on the bright side of life, well, I could try out for one of the cast in some new zombie/horror movie! But seriously, with all the things in…

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A Little Reflection Upon Wealth and “Wealth”!

Sharing some inner thoughts about the accumulation of wealth and at what price! When do we lose even if it may seem that we are “wealthier” and so on. Maybe I come across in a “non business” fashion here, yet then what is the purpose of doing business and accumulating wealth? I’m thinking about it all again, have paid the price many a time through the course of my life and it doesn’t hurt to remind myself of some things…

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Living Today For Tomorrow, Something My Dad Taught Me!

We all wake up and take a breath, stretch our arms out etc etc etc, all the usual things most people do in the mornings. Some of us go straight for the coffee, others sit back and in a relaxed manner let the senses kick in, yet today is the day that all of us can make a difference. What we leave behind for the next generation is what the future pages of history shall determine our successes and failures…

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FOR ALL THE NON BELIEVERS OUT THERE! LOOK AT THIS! Yes you can see that I have now managed to order TWO charms to date! One for my loving wife and now one for our youngest child!   OK, OK, so you still don’t believe that they are “free or discounted”, Well here is a link to the first piece of proof: My Gift From Mene Arrived – FREE GOLD!     & on the horseshoe charm I used up…

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Still Alive & Kicking, Plans, Schedules and Adapting to Lifes Little Challenges!

Well, here I am, still alive and kicking, working towards achieving the plans that my better half and I set out for us. Haven’t given up, just have to improvize, overcome and then adapt to the new situations at hand. Life would be really boring and too complacent if we all got our own way all the time, but as long as we don’t give up and keep pluggin away at it, we are on the right path. God bless…

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Yours truly

Jack Miller