This post is more of an informative type of post, just filling in the gaps in reference to what all has been going on and what I have been up to as a Steem Witness.

As many of you who have visited my site already know, it isn’t my main portal for communications, it is a “Get to know me” type of portal, yet at the same time it is hooked up to the Steem blockchain via a plugin called Steempress.

You can check out all the info about Steempress at:



& on any of the front ends hooked up to the Steem blockchain, like for example

The user account is, you guessed it: @steempress.

My website is relaying all my posts to my account @mypics (for the time being) as this is my user account for all thrid party apps etc. While my main account, that is more so “my really serious” account @jackmiller.


Either way, the goal is to ensure that I am using the tools available and expanding my presence on our Steem blockchain.


What I wanted to make a note of though was an endeavour which is currently called “@steemalliance”.

Yes, this is a temporary name for this, as it is an initiative with a voted in “working group” and they have the task of getting this whole idea up and running so to say.

Now, that description is rather all encompassing, the basic rundown is that the working group are literally doing their best to make sure all processes and all actions done in the process of getting this endeavour on its feet are “fair and equal”.

& in personal opinion, they are doing a brilliant job of it.

So, you may ask yourselves, What is this all about?


The Steem ecosystem WORKS.

However, as with anything that grows it needs to adapt to the needs of that growth and Steem has now gotten to a stage where it needs to budget in means to support those who are investing back into the ecosystem with their time and knowledge in the fields of additional applications.

How many times have we all heard about some fantastic ideas that never got the support needed!

We’ve all heard about those types of scenarios.

Well, now Steem will have that base covered and it is being organized by the people for the peoples blockchain.

Almost sounds too good to be true.


in this process, there has been a Request For Proposals put out.

No, not for project ideas, but for proposals on how we envision this new endeavour to function.

How it will be organized, funded, run, managed etc etc etc.


So without any hesitation I got onboard and did my homework.,

In fact I have been doing my homework on these topics since 2017, even back then I saw the need for something along these lines, but back then it wasn’t the focus of things among those in charge.

So today when the opportunity to put these ideas out and give my input has been made, I have literally put a “First submission” in, for review. Some may look at it as a “First draft”.

Whatever anyone calls it, it is a working document and hopefully will have input from others too.

We all want Steem to become the dream, this is definitely a step in the right direction.


Here is a link to a post of mine with a video intro (note: I’m no vlogger) and a link to the download page here on my site where you can download my first submission.


I hope that this little informative post here on my site helps in making things a little clearer as far as what all I have and am doing as a witness and as a Steemian.

Lets all pitch in and make Steem become the dream.





Thanks for your time,


Yours truly