Nope no drugs or any funny mushrooms in this one!

As serious that serious can mean as per its definition, we all have the ability to envision things. We can all imagine what something can be like without actually seeing it.

Sometimes it may be as simple as having a marvelous imagination, other times it could be as complex as actually having it all drawn out and then knowing what it shall be like. Some may dream about it. What ever the case may be, we can all envision things that are not physically there “yet”.

Key word being YET!

That is right, every new invention, every new discovery every new success was based on a vision.

From discovering and exploring the unknown lands all the way to making blockchain a common tool for various goals.

What was a dream or an idea that was envisioned yesterday could very well become reality before we know it.

So, never let anyone hold you back, what you envision as something that you “would like to see one day” can only be made possible if you strive to achieve it.

If you feel that you are not the person to make it happen, then share your visions with others and surely someone shall be inspired by them one day. So much so, to the point where they go out and make them happen!

I envision a future which is totally different in the field of “economics” and it is all thanks to the speed at which blockchain technology is evolving.

A future in which people who never had an opportunity to make it to riches are given an opportunity to do so, without the shackles and chains that the current fiat systems have put upon people.

Many talk about this, I am fortunate enough to actually envision it as if it is right in front of me.

It is something that for the most of us is unimaginable, yet it is all just around the corner.

Thanks for visiting and look forward to working for and with you.

Yours truly

Jack Miller