As a Steemian and as a Steem Witness I believe that the above pledge that I have given here sums up a lot of what I could write about.

Steem offers so many opportunities to so many people in this world that it is an endeavour that is worth dedicating oneself to 100%.

What many can’t see is that we have an opportunity to change the quality of life for so many people out there, not only in the “Western world” but also for the 80% of humans living on under $10 US per day.

Although Steem does not offer a free lunch, it gives anyone with access to the internet an opportunity that they probably never thought possible. This is something that I see as a chance to make happen what no government out there ever achieved, what no ‘politicians’ ever achieved, what no organization such as the United Nations ever achieved.

Steem is the blockchain that is proving what many a ‘spokesperson for blockchain technology’ only talked about. Steem is making it possible for millions of people to make their dreams come true.

The potential is there, it is no longer a theory, it exists, it is called Steem.

Thanks for visiting and look forward to working for and with you.

Yours truly

Jack Miller