Media & Networking

Media & Networking.

For now my media presence and networking in this scene are rather limited.

Guess my lack of willingness to pose for cameras has a lot to do with that, but I have managed to find a comfort zone in podcasts.

Can’t quite consider myself a “DJ” just yet, but then again, a podcast in my eyes is somewhat like a diary or blog that is done in an audio format. Sharing thoughts, expressing opinions, letting out into the ‘airwaves’ what many write on their screens. So there is no need to compare oneself to a professional “DJ” or any other mass media show host. Just being yourself is what makes a podcast unique, as unique as the individual who is recording it.

Thanks to my podcasts are available at:




Apple Podcasts / iTunes



I’m also on Choons, tbh, I’m actually mucking around on there. You can find my podcast recordings on there, but as it is more so a blcochain for musicians and my talents in those fields are kinda not going to get me a gold record any time in the near future, I have been having ‘a ball of a time’ in the comedy part of it. Won’t brag about it too much, but yeah, have made it a fun experience for me!



As for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Yes I have profiles there, but I don’t use them, except for the odd airdrop requirements etc.

So there really is no point in me sharing those links here.


I have registered an account on and on Weiku, so that my username doesn’t get used by some “impersonator”, however I am not active there.

For now, I guess this is all I can really list here until the next time.





Thanks for visiting and look forward to working for and with you.

Yours truly

Jack Miller