Yeah, lately I’ve not been my chirpy self, was wondering WHY?

Then I remembered that I actually wrote a post about it, on the Steem blockchain, via (Link below).

Seriously, over a month of little to a lot of the time NO sleep.

How am I not yet a zombie?

Looking on the bright side of life, well, I could try out for one of the cast in some new zombie/horror movie!

But seriously, with all the things in life that stress us out and add to that all the fud that is flying around in the crypto scene because of “fiat” prices, it gets to a person.


Who cares about what the fiat values are, we are talking crypto and if we are stressed out over the value of our crypto in comparison to BTC, then damn it, lets work harder at making our crypto the new BTC.

Looking at the Steem blockchain, the code, the potential we have, all I can say is:

Damn it people, we can literally change the world as we know it!

So why are we wasting so much of our energy on negativity.

Lets get back into those saddles and charge on forwards towards a brave new world. Let’s leave the next generation something to be proud of us.

Something to build on and not do like the generations to date who have literally been enjoying and squandering everything that the post war generations made up to and around about the 1970’s. Yep, we have been riding that old horse to death, just enjoying the wealth and potential that was made before most of us were even born!

Think about that.

Do we want to be like those who built a future, a foundation to build upon or do we want to be like those who came after them and just enjoyed the ride and looked for quick and easy ways around issues and dare I say it “free money”.

No free lunch out there, we either make it or we go hungry or we can “borrow” money and leave a legacy of debt and deceit behind us.

It will be what we make it.


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