So I am messing around with my blog footer. Namely, my footer for my blog on


and I am no graphic artist or anything, but I have been reading up on what other bloggers do and how some go about their “marketing” as bloggers.

One of the most common things mentioned is the recommendation to put links to all the things you want people to see, many suggest that the most appropriate place for this is in the footer of the blog.

So, here goes, at the bottom of this post is my signature block, linking to the Witness Voting via Steemconnect


under it is my footer with just two of the things that I would like to promote:

  • (with my referral link)


  • @witnesspage on (A project that I am running and expanding on)

What do you think?

Like I said I am no artist, yet I am trying to do as the experts/more experienced in the field of marketing for bloggers suggest.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas.