If you are a gold stacker or like me, someone who just loves the idea of being able to buy gold jewellery at affordable down to earth prices, then Mene is the place for you!

With my family’s current situation where not a lot of thigns are working out the way ‘we planned’ buying any sort of jewellery was never an option, until I came across Mene. Well, it was introduced to me by a fellow Steemian. Personally I thought nothing of it, but I figured ‘What the heck, I’ll pass my link around and ask others to pass it around too” in no time I was able to buy my wife a nice little 4 leaf clover gold charm FOR FREE!

It didn’t take long after that and I was buying a second gold charm for one of my kids a nice little horseshoe charm and all it cost me was something like $16 US and thanks to my mate in The good ol’ USA who helped out by accepting it for me via mail, the shipping costs to me were cut by like over 90%, some $6 in total instead of the $75 that the courier service charges!

Good ol’ APO, gotta love ’em, always looking after people with down to earth prices!






So don’t wait, register NOW!”



Yes, and the best part about it is that by using this link, both you and I get a $5 bonus.

For every person that uses my referral link we both (the person registering and I) get an extra $5 discount that can be used whenever we feel like it as it doesn’t have an expiry date!



Registration is FREE!


If you don’t think $5 is worth it, then try, what have you got to lose?

I can vouch for the fact that it is more than worth it, I managed to buy 2 beautiful little golden charms for people I love which was never an option until Mene made it possible!

So, even if you think that $5 isn’t much, it does add up and the gifts are definitely something that our children shall one day hand over to their children and hence a little item of value that shall always keep the memory of us alive!

As you can see, to me it is a lot more than “just gold” or “just $5”!


So no matter if you feel like it is worth it or not, it is worth it to me and my wife, we can now make possible something that we had literally crossed off our “to do list” because any other way apart from Mene it was a luxury of life that we just couldn’t afford to do now or in the coming years.

I really appreciate the fact that so many people have supported us to date and registered with my link, IOU all of youBIG TIME!

Go check it out, register and open another door, another opportunity in life that won’t cost you a cent, yet could add that little sparkle and smile in life that has absolutely no price on it!


Here is my link again, so you don’t have to scroll back up!




Yours truly,