Well this is my “first” post!

So rather than go into all the shenanigans, I’ll simply lay it all out in short text and point form.

WHY jackmiller.info

To begin with, it was an available web name, sure, a .com was my first choice, but it was taken, so I registered the available two domain names that I felt were appropriate:





As for the idea of a web page about “me”, I guess that the world of crypto is all entombed in mystery when it comes to the people who are doing what we are doing. So many people not showing their faces, their names, their identity in any which way. I’m not knocking it, sure, in fact I can understand why many choose to do so. In no way am I saying that there is anything wrong with their right to that choice. In fact, I fully back the freedom of choice in that field.

As I would expect people to accept my choice to do the opposite of that and to be up front about my identity and my actions.

Maybe one day I too go “off the grid” as far as my identity on the internet goes!

Anyway, the funny thing is the following:

I feel that as a person who has become active in the realm of Crypto and Blockchain technology it is my responsibility to ensure a means of communication and representation that isn’t in any direct way controlled by the technology I am representing and working for.

What I mean is, I feel that I have to supply a short bio, not in the form of a classical CV, but in a form that helps people understand how I tick and what it is that drives me forwards in what I do.

After all, we are talking business and motives are a very important factor in any business relationship.

Hence why I put together this web page, with the basics and which shall become more detailed as time goes on, especially with relevant posts.


THE DETAILS ABOUT jackmiller.info

Platform: WordPress

Theme: Transcend theme by CPOThemes.

Graphics: Pixabay.com (I highly recommend this site for free graphics, loved it)

Texts: My own (unless otherwise stipulated in the post).

I think that covers most of it.



For now, the plan is to keep it to what you see and new posts.

Transparency can have no limits, but my capacity to fulfill those endless boundaries are limited. So as things move along, the info on the site shall be increased in numbers and hence add to the overall transparency of what I do.


Thanks for visiting, hope you find this little addition to my efforts in the world of Crypto and blockchain as a proactive and constructive addition.

Lokk forward to working for and with you.


Yours truly

Jack Miller