@jackmiller (Steem Witness) , In this podcast I felt the need to go into the opportunities that one WordPress plugin has opened up to everyone who has a website on WordPress.

& For those who don’t, why they should consider it, because if there ever was a crypto grassroots revolution in the making, this is definitely a part of it!

Check it out.

The plugin I am plugin is “Steempress”.


Here is the link to my podcast recording:



Basically, we have started something here that can literally be a huge step towards the evolution of the crypto grassroots revolution!


PS. @mypics is my account that I use for all 3rd party apps, I like to keep my activities using 3rd party apps separated from my official (personal) account @jackmiller, namely because it was and is a personal account that is now also my Steem Witness account and I want to make sure that I have some sort of order in the way I do things here. It works for me, that is what it all boils down to.