Steem Witness Update – @jackmiller 07 Nov 2018

It’s been a while since my last update via a post, so here goes, keeping it as short and simple as possible, one relevant point at a time. Server is up up and running, updated to 20.6 Was in no rush to update it, no pressure what so ever to get it done, but it “had” to be done. Even if my server as a backup witness server was doing its job and producing blocks without any issues under 20.5.…

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Hello world!

Well this is my “first” post! So rather than go into all the shenanigans, I’ll simply lay it all out in short text and point form. WHY To begin with, it was an available web name, sure, a .com was my first choice, but it was taken, so I registered the available two domain names that I felt were appropriate: &   As for the idea of a web page about “me”, I guess that the world…

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Jack Miller