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One Year As A Steem Witness – Reflections!

Today marks one year of my witness campaign.     Although, I would like to think of it as one year that my witness server being procured and up and running, while my entire life experience here as a Steemian and all of my life experiences along with the lessons that life has taught me to actually e a part of my campaign. Where do I begin? Well, let me say that being committed to Steem is what I feel…

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$3 US for a Gold Charm! WOW!

Last night as I was laying down and watching the idiot box aka “TV” I got two messages in my inbox. 2 people registered onto Mene via my referral link. Now, things have been going kinda slow this past week, with most people suffering from the overeating back States side and here in Europe it’s like sub zero temperatures and people are in that winter hibernation mode etc. At least it sounds like a good excuse, even I turned the…

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If you are a gold stacker or like me, someone who just loves the idea of being able to buy gold jewellery at affordable down to earth prices, then Mene is the place for you! With my family’s current situation where not a lot of thigns are working out the way ‘we planned’ buying any sort of jewellery was never an option, until I came across Mene. Well, it was introduced to me by a fellow Steemian. Personally I thought…

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FOR ALL THE NON BELIEVERS OUT THERE! LOOK AT THIS! Yes you can see that I have now managed to order TWO charms to date! One for my loving wife and now one for our youngest child!   OK, OK, so you still don’t believe that they are “free or discounted”, Well here is a link to the first piece of proof: My Gift From Mene Arrived – FREE GOLD!     & on the horseshoe charm I used up…

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Steem Witness Update – @jackmiller 07 Nov 2018

It’s been a while since my last update via a post, so here goes, keeping it as short and simple as possible, one relevant point at a time. Server is up up and running, updated to 20.6 Was in no rush to update it, no pressure what so ever to get it done, but it “had” to be done. Even if my server as a backup witness server was doing its job and producing blocks without any issues under 20.5.…

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Do You Have A Website? Well You Will Definitely Want To Hear This Out!

@jackmiller (Steem Witness) , In this podcast I felt the need to go into the opportunities that one WordPress plugin has opened up to everyone who has a website on WordPress. & For those who don’t, why they should consider it, because if there ever was a crypto grassroots revolution in the making, this is definitely a part of it! Check it out. The plugin I am plugin is “Steempress”.   Here is the link to my podcast recording:  …

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