I still believe that Steemit.com as the leading front end (website) on the Steem blockchain can make a serious BOOM by doing a few straight forward additions.

What I feel to be THE MOST IMPORTANT of all additions that Steemit.com needs is the following:


Simple as that.

Believe it or not, all the reputable and well known of social networks out there have accounted for the fact that we as people like to know about the people we are dealing with. They have made this possible with a click of finger to all the people on the network.

Now, some may say that this doesn’t mean much, but ask yourself, do you prefer to know a bit about a person/user prior to interacting with them?

Let me put it this way, Would you feel more comfortable interacting with someone if you were able to know a bit about them prior to interacting with them?

Wouldn’t you like to see how they present themselves without having to scroll through pages and pages of links and posts?

I believe that it is more than safe to say that for the majority of us the answer would be YES.

So if ALL the reputable and successful social network sites out there have this, it is safe to say that we too shall have to accommodate to the needs and wants of the market that we have tapped into!

Now, I have slapped together a simple graphic of what I am talking about:



So with one click on this MENU BUTTON opens up a page in the existing template that we have, a page in which is everything that the user has written and made available to share with the public about themselves as an individual!

Talk about taking over the LikedIn market with one hit and making Steemit comparable to any other social network out there as far as user friendliness goes.

Talk about making Steemit a platform to go to when wanting to find out information about a user who wants to be seen on the internet!

Alexa, Google and what ever other relevant services out there shall see Steemit jump to the top of all the rankings in record time!!!!!!

Business people, Artists, Actors, Potential Employees, Employers, Writers and countless other people who want to be found on the internet shall be found on Steemit!





I originally posted about this about a year ago  , spoke with various Steemians about it back then but as usual, well, you know the rest.

So here I am again, copy pasting a part of the original post from back then, again asking for those who can relay this notion to the right people in Steemit Inc to do so and to consider ALL the benefits that this can ensure Steem and the future of Steem as a whole.

I will also stress that we do not yet have a direct KYC option on Steem, our only KYC option for Steemians is via our attested Steemian user accounts on Obytes (formerly known as Gbyte).

ref: KYC For Steemians? HOW?

So a “Profile Page” could be a great step in the right direction for a lot more than just what meets the eye at first glance.

Had to throw that in there.

Thinking out of the box!

Yours truly