Last night as I was laying down and watching the idiot box aka “TV” I got two messages in my inbox.

2 people registered onto Mene via my referral link.

Now, things have been going kinda slow this past week, with most people suffering from the overeating back States side and here in Europe it’s like sub zero temperatures and people are in that winter hibernation mode etc. At least it sounds like a good excuse, even I turned the TV on and I rarely do that!

However, after hearing my phone do its “PING” sound, I checked it and said to myself, “Damn, I wonder where I am at”

Once opening up Mene, I saw the reminder about the $25 Blackfriday deal, which in some way, I thought was over, but it was still up and running.

So I started roaming around and looking at the various products and checking out what I could and couldn’t afford right now. We all know that feeling.

When low and behold, a gold number “1” charm was like dirt cheap and then I started adding up the numbers:

$25 Black Friday Special

$10 My gift card

and the referrals I had to date, like 5 or 6 of them, anyways, once I did the maths, it added up to me only needing to pay an extra $3 US to buy this little beauty.



So rather than missing out on this what to me felt like a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, I GRABBED IT!

Although, tbh, I see that Mene is not holding back on its deals, MAN THIS IS TRULY AN OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME!

Here is what the charm looks like with details:

So, basically all I can say is



& to everyone else out there, if you have not yet registered on Mene yet, then


 Here is my referral link:


By using this link, you get a $5 bonus and I get a $5 bonus too!

It really is as simple as that!

I hope you too get on board, this is something that has made me really get all excited and I would love to see thousands of people register on Mene and start buying 24 karat gold at unbelievable prices!

Not much more I can say about this, it is really self explanatory as shown above!

Thanks for reading and for visiting my page

Yours truly