It’s been a while since my last update via a post, so here goes, keeping it as short and simple as possible, one relevant point at a time.

Server is up up and running, updated to 20.6

Was in no rush to update it, no pressure what so ever to get it done, but it “had” to be done. Even if my server as a backup witness server was doing its job and producing blocks without any issues under 20.5.

As for @witnesspage, here I am doing some additions to it, expanding on this service.

To date it has served as a place where all Steemians can follow all our active witnesses as far as their relevant witness-updates and posts related to witnesses utilizing the #witness or #witness-category tags.

Basically anyone who clicks “Follow” on @witnesspage gets ALL these posts in their feed.

However, it has become obvious that many people still don’t know about this option and after having a little caht with @noisy about the process to get apps and services listed on a lightbulb turned on above my head and I decided to go one step further with this project.

For starters a webpage which shall serve as an outright aid to all the “educational” communities and initiatives out there, but with a sole emphasis on “Witnesses”. Nothing more.

Likewise it shall serve as a contact form which is not reliant upon Discord or Steemchat for new witnesses to contact me and ensure they are added to the @witnesspage whitelist.

The following witnesses have been added in the past few days:


So as you can see, even the new witnesses are still not aware of how @witnesspage serves them, so hopefully when the educational initiatives out there for new Steemians point our new Steemians to to get the basic run down and info about what a witness on Steem is and so on, this will help increase the awareness of it all.

Likewise the plan is to hook the website up to the blockchain via Steempress, hence making all the future updates on the account automatically uniform with the website news posts.

“Taking care of two birds with the one stone” so to say!

As for the site itself and getting all the relevant information there which is understandable to a new Steemian, I conceded to my shortfallings as an existing Steemian. What I mean by this is that when we existing Steemians talk about things, we often fail to realize that the new person out there is too often left with a “wtf” look on their face.

So, rather than do this to people, I asked for some help, from probably one of the most 101 interactive educational services out there, well, from one of the key contributors in that service, that is @bluefinstudios from @welcomewagon.

So the language used and the explanations/answers shall be done in a way that they are confronted with and best know how to handle in an effective manner.

Big kudos to @bluefinstudios for assisting me with this, because I probably would have done like most of us do and put the FAQ section together in a way that literally leaves a new Steemian among us with that “wtf” look on their face.

The official announcement for will be done via @witnesspage.

As for my personal web page

Not much going on there, have added just one podcast the other day, a 5 minute one, which kinda tells it as it is.

We all plan things, then as they don’t always go as planned, well, we need to reschedule things!

Here is the link to that post.

To be frank, I am a little overwhelmed with house hunting and trying to get everything done before 01 Jan, that it is almost throwing me out of whack, because I see that it won’t all get done as quickly as I wanted it all done.

& as I said in my podcast, that is all a part of life, no big deal. Just need to improvize, overcome and adapt to it all.

Front End Project.

It is moving along, no rush.

Seems that when I try to rush things, they take longer. So one step at a time on that.

Will not allow for schedules to stress me out if I see that realistically some things need to take longer than what was first expected. Not going to put a semi finished product out on the market and then use people as guinea pigs or lab rats. That is definitely not my style.

Judging by all things at hand, some time late March 2019 or April 2019 is a realistic time frame to see it ready for public use.

Working on a combined project with fellow Steemian, this too seems to be not going as quickly as was first planned, but this time it’s not me.

He is running late from his end, again, “real life issues” affecting him in getting his end finished, so there we go, I’m not the only person who has a life!

@steemaustralia /

Just put out an update on that today.

SteemAustralia – Promo-Steem Initiative by @jackmiller – Update

Basically the plan is to start utilizing both the webpage and the Steem account in the most effective ways possible so that the most is achieved on both.

& here is a little thing that I put together in my own name, but it can be used by anyone out there, some people asked me if it was OK to use or edit and my answer was and is “Sure, GO 4 IT”.


There you have it, “GO 4 IT”, don’t worry I’m not one to change my mind later on and not want to share my crayons with others!

It’s out there for one and all, all in the name of making Steem bigger and better!

There we have it, don’t want to bore anyone with the other things, not anything earth shattering and would probably take too much of your time up. Will update on them when appropriate.

Thanks for reading,


Yours truly